Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Santie Korf
30 May 2022

Why can’t the marketing guy take the photos with his new Android?

He can!

But do you want him to? We’re all after a good deal, but is cutting the budget by not using a professional event photographer worth the risk?


A well-photographed event can have a large impact on how people view the organization and its events. When you’ve put so much work into sourcing your presenters, designing your space and organizing everything down to the last tiny detail you want to be able to trust that a professional event photographer will be able to appropriately document your event.

Showcasing your event, your photos will appear everywhere – on your website, on your emails to clients, on your social media platforms, and around your worksite. You want to ensure that the event photographer is alert and knows exactly what is expected from her to capture all the important and fun moments during the event.


Getting back to the guy with the Android …

The first indication that it may be a very bad idea is just that … photographing the event with an Android. A professional events photographer does not only have extensive experience in event photography, she also has the correct equipment, i.e. full-frame DSLR cameras that can handle low light, prime and zoom lenses, appropriate lighting equipment and, with larger events, 2nd and 3rd photographers joining her to ensure everything is covered professionally.


5 tips when choosing your Events photographer

  1. The photographer’s portfolio. Visit the photographer’s website and social media platforms. Are there only photos of presenters or decor? Or do the photos indicate that the photographer captures everything the events are about, i.e. guests’ arrival, pre-drinks, guests speakers (captured from different angles, close-ups and from a distance), guests’ interactions, entertainers, photo booths and many more? Can you tell that she is using lighting effectively, therefore not over or underexposing the scenes? A good portfolio will give you an indication if you want to work with her or find someone else.
  2. First contact with the photographer – how professional is she. Does she respond to your first contact email within 8 hours or less (when an email is sent late in the afternoon, please allow the overnight time), even if she indicates that she is off-site and will be responding to your request as soon as she possibly can. Waiting for days for a response from a photographer may be a red flag and can lead to future disappointment and below-standard service and product. Look out for slang language and spelling mistakes – a professional will not call you dude or my tjomma.
  3. Does the photographer ask the right questions. When asking her for a quote, does she only send you a one-pager with a ball-park fee, or does she ask questions about your event in order to acquire information to offer an accurate quote. A few of the questions she will ask are: Date and venue location, the type of event i.e. conference, gala event, etc, how many delegates/guests, break-away sessions, photo booth, and the list goes on. And NOTE: please be very thorough when answering these questions – inaccurate or incomplete information may lead to an inaccurate quote resulting in unnecessary conflict.
  4. Site visits. Especially with large events or events running over a few days with various activities i.e. a conference with plenary sessions as well as parallel sessions, team building sessions, a price giving event, etc, it may be necessary for the photographer to do a site visit, especially if she is not familiar with the venue. In some instances, the event planning committee may also invite her to planning meetings for input. Is she willing to do site visits and attend meetings? If not, another red flag. Keep in mind though, site visits and attending meetings will have cost implications for the client.
  5. Does the photographer have a personality. Yes, I mean this … There is nothing as embarrassing as having a rude, grumpy and non-sociable photographer with no sense of humor photographing your event. The photographer is an extension of your company and having a photographer with negative attitude shouting orders at your guests can leave a bad taste and cause your guests to wonder about your values and choice of service providers. But be careful, a sassy, overconfident photographer taking over your event and spending working time socializing with your guests is also not someone your brand wants to associate with.


“Anyone can walk into an event and capture photos, but to capture great event pictures is anticipating when something is about to happen and being in the right place ready to capture that moment. This is what Santie accomplish every time” – John Altworth

If you agree that the marketing guy is not the guy for the job – then let’s talk. I may be the Professional Event photographer you’re looking for to capture your next Corporate Event.

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