Headshot Photography

Corporate headshots are dynamic business portraits that communicate a visual story to your audience. Professionally captured headshots

  • reinforce your brand and convey passion for your company’s vision and mission.
  • reinforce your and your company’s values
  • boost your first impression
  • show you are serious about your career and
  • build trust among clients

They supply the perfect choice for publicity shots, editorial submissions, press kits or for social media profiles and websites.

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Liesel Cloete
Wow, Wow, Wow!!! I just love my photos! You captured exactly what I wanted! Thank you!!!! It was such a wonderful and enjoyable photo session. Thank you for making me feel at ease, allowing me to laugh a lot and to have fun! You are awesome!!!
Liesel Cloete
SA CV Writing
Robin Pullen
Santie is an artist with the camera. Whether in a live event or in-studio shoot, she has the ability to capture the moment you have been looking for, and then translate the experience into a visual canvas of emotion. As a speaker and trainer, some of my favourite event images come from her lens. That is why I asked Santie to do my last two photoshoots for new Personal branding and Business profile images. I hope you will too!
Robin Pullen
Ankia Nel
The heart-warming welcome when I arrived at the studio of Santie Korf Creative Photography was just another positive attribute I could add to her already extensive resume. Santie made me feel at home and her passion for her work was continuous in her approach of my Professional Branding shoot. Santie captured my heart and essence of who I am, and it is with great love and admiration that I recommend her
Ankia Nel
Motivational Speaker, Christian Vlogger and Public Figure at Rou Unfiltered
Ronel Jooste
I use Santie Korf Creative Photography for all my professional and business branding photoshoots. Santie has been the official photographer for my book cover shoot, two magazine covers shoots and for various events. She is always professional, helpful, reliable and provides not only excellent quality but also prompt delivery and exceptional service. Having excellent quality professional photos prove to be invaluable for my personal branding and business. I can definitely recommend Santie to any business owner or individual who wants to establish a professional and reputable brand.
Ronel Jooste
CA(SA), Financial Consultant & Coach at Financially Fit Life Group and Owner at Physeqfit Guesthouse
Aih Directors Corporate Branding (1)
When looking for a photographer for a client’s photo session, Santie Korf Creative Photography was the first port of call. Given a brief on what was needed, I could leave everything in her capable hands for the job to be completed with professionalism. It was not the first time I made use of Santie’s photographic skills and for sure not the last.
Paul Vorster
Karen De Villiers
Thank you for my lovely photos Santie!! It was such a pleasure to work with you. Easy and fun! I am looking forward to my next shoot with you.
Karen de Villiers
Partner at Bizzacc
Hettie Mills
Thank you Santie for every click, and love you have put into my Corporate Headshot photoshoot. I absolutely love the photos - they are incredible. I could not believe it is me in the photos. Words cannot describe your talent. Thank you for sharing your down to earth, comfortable yet very professional, talent with me.
Hettie Mills
Image Masters
Lizette Volkwyn
Dearest Santie, wow you took my journey and story and totally captured in into a fairytale. From our first meeting until the delivery of my portfolio, professionalism, trust, true reflection and expertise comes to mind. Thank you for leading me through the day of the shoot and guiding me through unknown territories, getting to the best of the best message for my audience.
Lizette Volkwyn
Master Life Coach and Published Author
Doris Donur
Thank you so much for the beautiful photographs, the entire amazing photo shoot and for capturing the “real” me, giving tips and keeping it all so very natural and making me so comfortable in front of the camera. Your vast experience manifests itself in the beautiful images and certainly asserts your seasoned professionalism. You are one very talented lady – a real wizard performing magic with your camera!
Doris Dondur
Non Executive Director and Chairman of the Board Audit and Risk Committee at National Lotteries Commission
Henriette Brand
From family photo sessions to Personal Branding sessions, Santie never disappoints. Santie has the unique gift of capturing “real” with her camera. Her down-to-earth approach makes it easy to relax in front of her lens and a photoshoot with Santie is usually a fun, enjoyable experience. Professional, reasonably priced and many extra miles guaranteed – Santie will always be my first choice when in need of a photographer
Henriette Brand
Owner and Founder of We Do Digital
Isobel Jackson Vosloo
Santie’s professionalism is astonishing, and she knows her trade. The shoot was amazing as she reads her client - which personalise the shoot and the result is exceptional images.
Isobel Jackson Vosloo
Stephan Gericke
I have always appreciated the art of photography, but how enlightening it was to see such a professional like Santie at work behind the scenes! It was so insightful to go through the process of conceptualising and planning my session with her, and in the end, it was just so much fun experimenting and playing around in the studio with different ideas! She made me feel so comfortable and even photogenic.
Stephan Gericke
Artist Director, Conductor and Composer/Arranger

Capture my photos stress-free – Quote me!