Alison Weihe Speaker And Author

Alison Weihe – Speaker and Author

Santie Korf
15 June 2022 Event – 26 May 2022

“Thank you to Captaincy Me, an incredible initiative by The Maslow Team to build Entrepreneurship by inviting speakers to share their stories of overcoming challenges and the lessons learned.”

With these emotionally filled words, Alison Weihe started her thank you note to the people who played a role in the successful execution of her presentation at a Event hosted at the Maslow Hotel in Sandton.


Alison approached me to take the photos at this special event, and when I asked her about the details of what she wished me to cover, she mentioned that she wants the moments, the vibes and the energy of the evening captured in every photo. What a wonderful spec from a client, it sounded so simple and easy! But I knew – there will be much more happening that needed to be captured than just fun and vibes. And I was right.


Alison shared with the 140 attendees the highs and lows of building the soul brand Creative Stone. She told a story of:

  • Starting in a small and humble way
  • Being a victim of fraud
  • Being broken but not broke
  • Persistence to become a successful percent brand
  • Having a best friend approach to customer service
  • Having resilience when faced with rejection
  • Practicing ethics and sticking to values
  • And many more heart-touching stories.


After the main event, Alison spent time with the people that enjoyed the evening with her – not only with the people who shared her journey but also with those that are now part of her story. She signed her newly signed book “Belonging” and shared stories, love, and moments of togetherness.

What happens when I’m booked to photograph an event

When I’m tasked to take photos at an event like this, it is important for me to know exactly what will be happening at the event, i.e.

  • The event program
  • Special moments not to be missed
  • Timelines,
  • and additional needs such as a photobooth.

This information helps me to prepare for the event by ensuring I’m using the correct equipment i.e. lenses and lighting equipment, and to position myself to make sure I get the shot.


Additionally to that, I need to listen closely to what the speaker/s say to anticipate a special shot. These moments can’t be repeated and are usually the ones that will be treasured by my client. And the audience’s reactions are valuable – I don’t want to miss it!

After the event

My heart soars with joy when I can provide my client with images they will treasure forever. And for me … a price possession is a kind testimonial …


It was a privilege to be part of this event and to capture those special moments that will forever be part of your journey and memories.

Special thanks to:


Do you have a Special Event coming up? Don’t let those moments pass without having them captured.

Book me to capture them for you.

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