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As most of fellow Gen X’s, growing up with the generally accepted mindset that you need to have a steady job and stick to it, I started my career in the professional world, committed to juggling work with family time. I worked as Dietician, medical representative for multi-national Pharmaceutical companies and Sales Engineer at ABB SA.

After 20 years I broke away and called the corporate world farewell. Being told by family and friends that I have “a good eye” for photography, I attended multiple courses, developing my photography and business skills. Loving to tell picture stories, I covered a wide range of genres, like weddings, lifestyle and corporate photography.

While networking and working with entrepreneurs and corporate companies, I realized the pressing need for Personal and Corporate Branding photography – to effectively tell the stories, reflecting the brands and to build trust with audiences.

And I did it!! I took the exciting step to refocus my photography business. Now I tell picture stories of Entrepreneurs and companies that authentically want to communicate their personality, uniqueness, and professionalism to their customers and peers!

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Fun facts about me:

Traveling makes me incredibly happy and I will go anywhere in our beautiful South Africa, and the world, for leisure or for your photo shoot.

Although I believe that exercise is important, you will not find me in a gym, and I do not run! But I love my early morning walks and will easily walk 7 – 10 km for up to 5 days a week.

We LOVE to braai!

Where can you leave me and forget about me? A Western Cape seaside, sitting on the beach or in a quaint coffee shop or wine bar, or inland, somewhere surrounded by the mountains and vineyards. But I’m also a bushbaby, with sunrises and sunsets my favourite times of day. And of course, to spend time with family and friends around a boma fire, listen to the night music … priceless!

What my friends say behind my back:

They’ll share, in no specific order, the following (bless their souls):

  • Loyal friend
  • Unique creative
  • Recognize good things in life
  • Survivor
  • Made for connection
  • Help where she can
  • Caring too much
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